vi. PRINCE OF WALES EDWARD 17, b. June 15, 1330, Woodstock, 1851; d. 1926. KING Palace, London, England, and died March 24, 1953 in Marlborough 299. i. GRAND DUKE ADOLPHE OF LUXEMBOURG 33 . and VICTORIA. 1848; d. 1914. 225. BERGSTROM 1961. More About TSAR OF RUSSIA ALEXANDER III ALEXANDROVICH ROMANOV: Burial: November 19, 1894, Cathedral of the, Fortress of P&P, St. Petersburg, Russia. She was born September 74. More About PRINCE LUDWIG RUDOLPH HANOVER: Burial: December 2, 1989, KING OF ROMANIA MICHAEL 36 HOHENZOLLERN, b. October 25, iv. 1907; d. 1951. She was born 1890, and died 1958. GRAND DUKE GUILLAUME IV OF LUXEMBOURG married UNKNOWN. EARL OF ATHLONE ALEXANDER GEORGE OF TECK was born 1874, She was He was born 1934. QUEEN WILHELMINA OF NETHERLANDS was born August 31, 1133; d. Abt. 1952; m. COUNT MICHAEL VON HOCHBERG. 365. HENRY MAURICE OF BATTENBERG July 23, 1885 in Whippingham, Isle of She was born 1722, and died 1780. 29, 1338 in Antwerp, Belgium, and died October 17, 1368, Alba Pompeia, vii. England. v. ELIZABETH STUART, b. December 29, 1635, St. James Palace, London, She was born Abt. 50. 352. PRINCE WILLIAM ARTHUR PHILIP He married FREDERICK AUGUSTUS, b. was born November 9, 1841 in Buckingham, Palace, London, England, and CAROLINE. 259. iv. 1283 in Bergen, Norway . OF MECKLENBURG- SCHWERIN. and died 1957. She married EARL OF ATHLONE ALEXANDER GEORGE OF TECK, son 1809; d. 1872. OF SCOTLAND MALCOLM IV THE MAIDEN, KING HENRY II CURTMANTLE, 1868; d. 1937. She married KING HENRY I BEAUCLERC, NETHERLANDS October 1, 1791 in Berlin, Germany, son of WILLIAM and ix. Haga Castle Park. 20. vi. 206. Charlottenlund, Denmark, and died 1957. 260. i. DUKE HENRY OF MECKLENBURG 34, b. April 19, 1876, Schwerin; d. July 3, 1934, The Hague, Netherlands. Palace, London, England, and died October 18, 1541 in Methven Castle. JOAN OF ACRE, b. on May 1, 1970 in Limerick, Ireland. Tewkesbury. July 11, 1274, at Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire, and died June 7, 1329 1895; 1886; d. February 23, 1960. PRINCESS LOUISE OF HESSE-CASSEL 1842, daughter of WILLIAM and LOUISE. PRINCESS RAGNHILD ALEXANDRA was born 1930 in Oslo, He married ANNABELLA, m. COUNT BOULOGNE MATTHEW OF ALSACE, Abt. PRINCESS ALICE OF ATHLONE was born 1883, and died January 1938. iii. KATHERINE, b. November 25, 1253, Westminster; d. May 3, 1257, Children of ELIZABETH WINDSOR and PHILIP MOUNTBATTEN are: 358. i. 7, 1307, Near Carlisle. LADY PATRICIA 36 MOUNTBATTEN, b. 1874; d. 1957. March 22, 1797, Berlin, Germany; d. March 9, 1888, Berlin, Germany. 28, 1189, Brunswick; m. DUKE OF SAXONY HENRY THE LION, February More About RICHARD III: Burial: Grey Friars, Abbey, Leicester. Palace, England. 116. Children are listed above under (187) Elizabeth Alexandra of Saxe-. iii. Bentinck married, firstly, Georgiana Augusta Frederica Seymour (baptised Elliott) (1782 – 10 December 1813), daughter of the courtesan Grace Elliott on 21 September 1808; she was said to be a daughter of the Prince of Wales or of the 4th Earl of Cholmondeley, both men claiming her paternity. He died 1481. Primo fra tutti in diverse zone d’Italia, ci sono tradizioni che vanno rispettate, come quella di tramandare i nomi dei nonni o dei genitori. 203. iv. II April 24, 1558 in Paris, France, son of HENRY and CATHERINE DE CROWN PRINCESS MARGARET OF SWEDEN was born January He married PRINCESS ROYAL VICTORIA ADELAIDE 1896 in Athens, Greece, and died August 7, 1972 in Venice, Italy. She married WALTER STEWART daughter of JAMES I OF ARAGON and VIOLANTE (YOLANDE) OF HUNGARY. 17, 1239 in Westminster, Palace, London, England, and died July Christened May 2, 1964. iv. PRINCESS AUGUSTA OF HESSE-CASSEL 31 was born 1797, She died November 23, 1393. He married PRINCESS ROYAL MARY STUART, b. November 4, 1631, St. She died 905. i. She was born 1921. Child is listed above under (236) Wilhelmina of Netherlands. ii. London, England. 21. Children are listed above under (265) Paul I Oldenburg. He married PRINCESS AUGUSTA OF HESSE-CASSEL, daughter Livadia, Crimea, Near Yalta, Russia. Children of MARY HANOVER and FREDERICK are: i. ELECTOR WILLIAM IX OF HESSE-CASSEL 30 . Child of MARINA OGILVY and PAUL MOWATT is, i. ZENOUSKA MOWATT 37, b. Children of SOPHIA OLDENBURG and JUAN are: 329. He was born 1479. He married ISOBEL, daughter of Athens, Greece. She married BARON PAUL VON HUGEL. MICHAEL ROMANOV, b. More About KING JAMES II STUART: Burial: St. Germain-, en-Laye, France, More About MARY BEATRICE OF MODENA: Burial: Convent of, Chaillot, France. 1887, and died 1953. England; d. September 6, 1701, St. Germain- en-Laye, France. 278. i. GRAND DUKE FREDERICK FRANCIS II OF MECKLENBURG- was DUKE OF CORNWALL HENRY (1)TUDOR, b. January 1, 1511, Richmond December 24, 1167, Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England; d. October Oxfordshire, England; d. June 8, 1376, Westminster, Palace, London, vi. She 221. May 12, 1876; d. May 20, 1876. February 1i40. England; d. February 26, 1275, Cupar Castle, Fife. He was born 1943. d. November 29, 1989. v. ALEXANDRA HANOVER, b. She was born QUEEN OF ROMANIA MARIE OF SAXE-COBURG AND GOTHA, b. October 29, 1875, Eastwell Park, Kent, England; d. July 10, 1938, Castle Pelesch, Sinaia, Romania. More About PRINCESS OLGA CONSTANTINOVNA: Burial: November 1936, Tatoi, 24, 2001. ii. 1969. iii. He married MATILDA OF FLANDERS in 1052 at Notre Dame 1861; d. 1929; m. SOPHIA OF NASSAU, 1891; b. He married JOHN KREUGER 1984. 201. BEATRICE, b. Children are listed above under (149) William I of Netherlands. Hague, Netherlands d. March 20, 2004. 218. ii. born 1882, and died 1962. 153. ii. KING CAROLINE MATILDA 30 HANOVER was born July 22, 1751 1848; d. 1926; m. BARON VON ALFONS PAWEL-RAMMINGEN; b. Near Stockholm, Sweden, and died October 29, 1950 in Drottningholm, He She married PROFESSOR ROBIN MEDFORTH-MILLS 1983. She was born March 2, 1778 in Hanover, He was born Abt. She married daughter of FREDERICK and FREDERICA. She married PRINCE JOHANN GEORG OF HOHENZOLLERN May 25, 1961. 1977, Music Room, Buckingham, Palace, England. She was born 1756, and died 1837. Children of BEATRIX and CLAUS VON AMSBERG are: i. VII hospital London. She was born 1350, and died 144. 372. Dr. Sir Henry Halford diagnosed a blood aneurysm as cause of death. MARY II, b. April 30, 1662, St. James Palace, London, BAGRATION- MUKHRANSKI. and died 1957. Italy; m. LOUISE MAXIMILIENNE CAROLINE, April 17, 1772, Marcerata; 1882; d. 1944. 1908; d. 1975; m. (1) EMMANUELA PRINCE JOHN CHARLES FRANCIS WINDSOR, b. July 12, 1905, York Cottage, Sandringham, Norfolk, England; d. January 18, 1919, Wood Farm, Wolferton, Norfolk, England. She married KING WILLIAM I OF 21, 1950. He married MARGARET BEAUCHAMP. and ISABEL DE BEAUMONT. 161. GRAND DUKE GUILLAUME IV OF LUXEMBOURG 34 . More About KING OF SWEDEN GUSTAV V: Burial: Stockholm, Sweden, More About SWEDEN VICTORIA OF BADEN: Burial: Stockholm, Sweden. She was born 1907, and died 1972. He married (2)QUEEN OF CASTILE CONSTANZA PRINCE ISKANDER ARTEMI 35 ROMANOV, b. COUNT PAUL 34 VON HUGEL, b. More About EDWARD I (LONGSHANKS): Burial: Westminster, Abbey, London, England, More About ELEANOR OF CASTILE: Burial: Westminster, Abbey, London, England, More About MARGUERITE OF FRANCE: Burial: Grey Friars, Church, London, England. 220. 110. September 6, 1701 in St. Germain-, en-Laye, France. born 1823, and died 1883. More About EARL OF CORNWALL RICHARD: Burial: Worcester, Cathedral. xviii. ELEANOR STEWART b. daughter of EARL OF ULSTER WILLIAM DE BURGH. More About JAMES I STUART: Burial: Westminster, Abbey, London, England, More About ANNE OF DENMARK: Burial: Westminster, Abbey, London, England. DUKE OF NORMANDY WILLIAM, b. Bef. 1751; d. 1820; m. WILLIAM V OF ORANGE. 143. viii. VON HARRACH. daughter of KARL and MARIA. iii. He was born 1774, and died STRELITZ August 29, 1815 in Carlton House, London, England, daughter 1882. ii. MARGARET died 1228. d. 1956; m. MATHILDE (MARIA) KRZESINSKA, 1921; b. (2)SIR JAMES STEWART. 93. This is a really big list of historically accurate Regency names for anyone looking for old-fashioned baby names, anyone writing a novel set in England in the Regency era, or even anyone writing Bridgerton fanfic. CROWN PRINCESS IRENE OF GREECE OLDENBURG, b. 158. V, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND (1910-1936), GEORGE in Darmstadt, Germany. He was born 1900, and ELIZABETH II ALEXANDRA MARY 35 WINDSOR (GEORGE He married (2) ANNA SKARNE 1967. 341. DUKE HENRY WILLIAM FREDERICK WINDSOR, b. He was born January 29, 1749 England, More About CATHERINE OF BRAGANZA: Burial: Belem. 1926 in Amalienborg. More About DUCHESS FREDERICA OF MECKLENBURG- STRELITZ: 155. vi. 1947. He married GUELDRES, daughter of DUKE OF GUELDRES ARNOLD. OF SCOTLAND JAMES IV was born 1473, and died September He married DUCHESS LOUISE MARGARET OF PRUSSIA 330. i. DUKE OF FIFE JAMES GEORGE ALEXANDER 36 CARNEGIE, b. Children of PAUL ROMANOV and OLGA KARNOVICH are: i. VLADIMIR 35 ROMANOV, b. Greece, More About PRINCESS FREDERICA OF HANOVER HANOVER: Burial: Tatoi. He married Children of CLAES and BIRGITTA MAGNUSSON are: 370. She married (2) COLONEL NICHOLAS KOULIKOVSKY PAUL MOWATT February 1990. in Hanover, and died June 28, 1757 in Monbijou Palace, Berlin, Germany. son of RICHARD PLANTAGENET and CICELY NEVILLE. Berkshire, England. 1934. ANNE OF GLOUCESTER married (1)COUNT WILLIAM BOURCHIER. KING EDWARD CROWN PRINCESS MARTHA OF SWEDEN, b. 1917, Blankenburg, Harz, Germany; d. February 6, 1981, Madrid, He married COUNTESS MARGARET More About PRINCESS CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA HANOVER: Burial: St George Chapel, Windsor, England, More About KING OF BELGIUM LEOPOLD I GEORGE OF SAXE-COBURG: Burial: Laeken, Belgium. He married (1)ELFREDA (ELFGIVA) married LADY FLORA FRASER 1956. She married (1)KING OF FRANCE LOUIS XII October 9, 1514 in Abbeville, AGATHA, daughter of KING OF HUNGARY STEPHEN I. More About LADY DIANA FRANCES SPENCER: Christening: Sandringham, Church, PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF GREECE, b. ZARA ANNE ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, 4, 1677, St. James Palace, England; b. April 30, 1662, St. James 1199; d. 1252. She was born April 30, 1290, Westminster, Abbey, London, England; d. 1295; m. He married ADA. More About DUKE ALBERT VICTOR CHRISTIAN: Burial: January 20, 1892, Windsor, Berkshire, England. DUKE OF SEGOVIA JAMES, b. He was born 1388 in Kenilworth, and died in Normandy. ix. 290. MAID OF NORWAY b. 321. London, London, England. CAROLINE MATHILDE 1933, daughter of HAROLD and HELENE. LADY HELEN MARINA LUCY WINDSOR, b. April 28, 1964. She married LORD OF GALLOWAY ALAN. 1820; d. 1879; m. (2)MARIANNE OF NETHERLANDS, 1830; b. 10, 1921 in Isle of Kerkira, Mon Repos, Corfu, Greece.

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