When launched in 2009, its editors claimed that the Global Times' English-language version took a less nationalistic stance than its Chinese-language counterpart. . Source: Global Times | 2016/7/27 1:03:00 3 Xingtai Net users punished for posting false information on deadly flood Three people in Xingtai, North China's Hebei Province received penalties for spreading rumors about the flood that struck the city last week, including exaggerating the death toll, the city's publicity department announced on its official Sina Weibo account on Tuesday. Multiple branches of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) are continuing large-scale military exercises near the island of Taiwan, at a time when Taiwan secessionists insisted on making provocative statements and holding drills, and the US sent a warship through ... An international conference on the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Progress on Human Rights in China was held in Changchun, capital city of Northeast China's Jilin Province on Thursday, with attendees saying that the CPC is confidently introducing its ... Forty years after China joined the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the country has made enormous efforts to make sure 85 percent of key protected wildlife are under effective protection, the State ... Calls for probes into the US' mysterious bio-labs in order to better understand coronavirus origins are growing after Russia said it has every reason to believe the US is developing biological weapons in labs mainly near the China-Russia border. ... Chinese foreign ministry on Wednesday listed 'five sins' of the US human rights record, calling on the US to cast aside arrogance and bias, following US State Department spokesperson Ned Price's remarks on Xinjiang. While some US political forces keep inciting hostility against China, and an inherited Sino-skepticism that has continually caused raising antagonism and discrimination against the Chinese, and by extension, other Asian communities, the Global Times found that there are many Americans ... Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday urged Germany and the European Union (EU) to make joint efforts with China to protect and promote the healthy and stable development of their cooperation, so as to bring more certainty and stability to ... A Chinese company recently conducted a test flight for its newly developed airborne swarm carrier, which is an unmanned aerial mother ship that can carry multiple smaller drones and release them in the air for missions like reconnaissance and attack. Jimmy Lai, former HK lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan and former Democratic Party chairman Yeung Sum pleaded guilty to taking part in an unauthorized assembly in 2019. The global brands can protect their sales in North America and Europe, or preserve their markets in China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged the US to refrain from the wrong and dangerous practice and not send the wrong signals to the "Taiwan secessionists," after the US State Department on Wednesday voiced concern about China's "coercion" in ... Two scholars from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region debunked the "forced labor" claims about Uygur workers in a recent interview with Xinhua. The system's multiple functions enable herdsmen to monitor the real-time location and activities of the animals ... An aircraft carrier task group of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy led by the Liaoning, accompanied by a Type 055 large destroyer for the first time and others in a cross-sea area exercise, on Saturday sailed through the ... China's State Council Information Office will release a white paper on poverty alleviation on Tuesday morning. China is preparing to curb some technology exports to the United States, the chief editor of China's Global Times newspaper said on Saturday. China rarely uses harsh words, but the US won’t get its way through blackmailing us: Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin. A fire that engulfed a Chinese-owned clothing factory in Yangon, Myanmar on early Wednesday morning was likely the work of arson as tools were found on the site, an industry insider told the Global Times. She covers Chinese politics, laws, environment and social issues. China denounced Wednesday reports that a Vietnam border agent wrote the f-word on the pages of a Chinese national's passport which indicated the nine-dash line, calling it a "cowardly conduct" and that it hurt Chinese dignity. China's top health authorities on Sunday urged local authorities to halt mandatory vaccination orders as some cities were reportedly found to adopt compulsory measures to meet the country's goal of vaccinating 560 million people by June. Chinese experts have called on the international community to enhance information sharing on vaccine-related studies amid rising safety concerns as three sites in the US halted emergency use of Johnson & Johnson (J&J)'s adenovirus vaccine after a number of adverse ... A commemorative event to mark the 50th anniversary of ping-pong diplomacy, a milestone in the history of the China-US relations that once mildly and smartly broke the ice for the two powerful countries, was held in Shanghai on Saturday. With pressure from a new surge of COVID-19, the China-Myanmar border city Ruili in Southwest China's Yunnan Province launched a second round of mass nucleic acid testing on Tuesday. Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Photo: China.org.cn. It is not true that Turkey cut water supply to the Chinese Embassy in Ankara amid bickering over Xinjiang-related issues, the Global Times learned, in contrast to what British media The Daily Express has claimed. . A new COVID-19 vaccine developed by China's Sinopharm has recently been approved for clinical trials. The contrast should teach Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), who is facing mounting public discontent, ... Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and observers have urged Turkey to stay vigilant against a small group of politicians who try to exploit Xinjiang-related issues for selfish political purposes, after bickering between Ankara and Beijing was caused by Turkish opposition ... "You should apologize!" Chinese people all across China paid their respects to the four martyrs by visiting their tombs, ... China's well-known tourist attraction Taishan Mountain was caught up in a whirlwind of public opinion during the Qingming Festival holiday, after the hotels at the top of the mountain were accused of hiking prices, forcing tourists to stay overnight in ... Herdsmen in Xinjiang have started to use the BeiDou positioning system, a domestically developed Chinese navigation satellite system, to remotely "graze" cattle and camels. Although some US politicians and anti-China hawks are trying to hype the issue of a boycott against the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Biden administration remains cautious. In retrospect, CPC's 100-year effort in eradicating extreme poverty can be valuable tips for developing regions, experts said, after China issued a new white paper to specify innovative tools in targeted poverty reduction plans. The report by a Chilean university that has been cited by some foreign media as proof that Chinese company Sinovac Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine is not protective cannot represent the vaccine's real efficacy in Chile, as it is based on limited ... As China accelerates its mass COVID-19 inoculation across the country to reach the domestic vaccination target of 560 million people by June, there have been individual cases of certain places adopting compulsory measures which are inappropriate, and the practice of ... A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, came under fire after its employee offered a customer a cup of water contaminated with disinfectant by mistake, then asked her to keep silent for 1,000 yuan ($152.66), ... Nearly two months after the last round of corps commander-level talks, the Chinese and Indian militaries held the 11th round of the meeting on Friday, with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Western Theater Command releasing a statement on Saturday. On Thursday, the one year anniversary of Wuhan ending its 76-day lockdown, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that what Wuhan and Hubei Province had experienced was a reflection of what China had done to fight the virus. The so-called open letter written by 24 researchers from Europe, US, Australia and Japan on a new probe into COVID-19 origins is merely aimed at pressuring the World Health Organization and members of its expert team, and the COVID-19 origins-tracing ... A total of 84 people, including 10 deceased, have been held accountable for the convicted killer in 1992 from North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, who never served a day of his sentence despite being given 15 years' imprisonment for ... Gong Yunzun, Party chief of Ruili, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, has been dismissed from his post for serious negligence in epidemic control, where more than 100 local infections had been reported so far in the latest flare-up. Previously, AFP reported ... Chinese embassies in at least 50 countries have, as of Wednesday, issued notices and begun helping citizens abroad get inoculated with Chinese or foreign COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible, after China announced in early March to launch "spring sprout" ... Hong Kong's pro-secessionist media tycoon Jimmy Lai pleaded guilty to taking part in an unauthorized assembly in August 2019 for the first time after the national security law for Hong Kong took effect in June 2020. Wednesday April 07 2021, 12.01am, The Times A big increase in coal-fired power stations opening in China offset all the closures in the rest of the world last year, a report says. Residents in Jinmen, whose fresh water is supplied by the mainland, are not affected by the recent drought, contrary to the residents on the Taiwan island. Chinese fishing boats taking shelter at China's Niu'e Jiao in the South China Sea from bad weather is "reasonable and legal," and attempts from the Philippines to deny China's legitimate rights and sovereignty in the water using an illegal and ... Local authorities in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Tuesday revealed the details of crimes committed by some senior officials who loudly condemned the "three forces" of terrorism, extremism and separatism in public, but provided financial and intelligence support ... Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday sent a message of condolences to Indonesian President Joko Widodo over flooding and mudslide in the Southeast Asian country. Now, with China and the US back in a period of such uncertainty in ... April 9, 2021, the day following Wuhan's 1st anniversary of its lockdown lift, blue skies, green trees, yellow flowers...people in groups, talking, laughing, standing along the view platform under the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, enjoy the view of ... A number of foreign databases on so-called issues in China's Xinjiang including the Uygur Transitional Justice Database (UTJD) have been fabricated by anti-China forces, and claim to include eyewitness accounts and testimonies; however, they are full of outright lies and ... China and its Himalayan neighbor Bhutan agreed to continue to maintain peace and stability in the border areas before the final settlement of the China-Bhutan boundary issues, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday. Through measures like prolonging injection intervals and prioritizing high-risk areas and groups, China is making efforts to maintain a balance in COVID-19 vaccine supply and demand while some places in China are reportedly facing a temporary COVID-19 vaccine shortage during ... One year after lockdown has been lifted in Wuhan, the Chinese city hardest hit by the coronavirus is speeding up production of its locally produced COVID-19 vaccine and building new facilities to expand capacity, to inject more confidence into the ... Half a century ago, no one expected the visit of a group of American table tennis players to China would change the global landscape so dramatically. 【 #HuSays 】As two major countries, China and the US need to find a way to deal with each other. Cao Siqi co-leads the Global Times China desk. The COVID-19 vaccine passport scheme that the UK government is planning to introduce is seen by some Chinese experts as an exploratory move under the UK's urgent need to get society back to normal and boost the country's economy in ... As the China-Myanmar border city Ruili in Southwest China's Yunnan Province gears up for a comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination drive to curb the latest flare-up, health experts said it can be seen as a "pioneer for a more effective, proactive measure" ... China-Myanmar border city dials up 3 neighborhoods to high-risk areas amid latest COVID-19 outbreak. It is increasingly difficult to see how they can do both. Ministry of Education issues draft regulation for protection of minors, 89 people's passports declared invalid for cross-border gambling and fraud, China issues white paper on poverty alleviation to share experience, Highlights of China's White Paper on Poverty Alleviation, China-Myanmar border city Ruili starts 2nd round of COVID-19 testing, Amid surge in anti-Asian violence, Chinese FM urges US to fulfill commitments, PLA carrier, warplanes surround Taiwan in drills, in show of capability to cut off foreign intervention, Wuhan tourism rebounds one year after lift of lockdown, Chinese FM's call 'timely reminder' for Japan at crossroads: observer, Tibet issues border activity bans, strengthens control over illegal crossings, Philippines' attempt to use invalid, illegal arbitral ruling to deny China's rights 'unacceptable': FM, Xinjiang regional govt reveals for 1st time details of crimes committed by senior officials who support terrorism, Xi sends condolences to Indonesian president over natural disaster, China details key poverty reduction experience in white paper for global common prosperity, India media sensationalizing Taiwan question merely attempt to attract attention: experts, China issues white paper on poverty alleviation to share experiences in eradicating extreme poverty, Chinese FM makes 'timely reminder' for Japan to stop heading in wrong direction at crossroads of ties, Strong patriotism and solidarity as Chinese remember martyrs in Indian border clash, NATO bombing, Post-epidemic recovery, regional cooperation top China-ASEAN ties, UK' 'vaccine passport' may serve as reference for China to encourage vaccination, Border city Ruili breaks national record of 42 days without high and medium risk areas, gears up mass vaccination, China's J-20 stealth fighter jet flies without Luneburg lens, shows combat readiness, Xi congratulates Nguyen Xuan Phuc on election as Vietnam's new president, Chinese people commemorate sacrificed martyrs on first Tomb-sweeping Day after China-India border clash, Taishan Mountain administration rejects accusations of hiking hotel prices during Qingming, Xinjiang herdsmen use BeiDou positioning system to remotely 'graze' cattle, camels, UPDATE: PLA aircraft carrier, Type 055 destroyer hold exercise near Taiwan island amid US warship provocations, China to issue white paper on poverty alleviation. UPDATE: Will concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine hinder global COVID-19 immunization efforts? Read our country profile on China Funded by / … Dozens of Chinese stars, including Laurinda Ho Chiu Lin, attended the launch event of the 2021 autumn-winter collection of the Chinese sports and fashion brand Li-Ning on Wednesday. An article published by the China Society for Human Rights Studies on Friday lashed out at the US for severe humanitarian disasters caused by its aggressive wars against foreign countries since the end of World War II, stripping Washington of ... China successfully sent an experiment satellite into planned orbit from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China's Shanxi Province Friday. Experts say too much political risk for US to go that far, Baihetan Hydropower Station set to help with China's carbon goal, Consulate in Nigeria urges local police to rescue kidnapped Chinese workers: FM spokesperson, Chinese in Namibia get 1st shot of Chinese vaccine: embassy, Lai pleads guilty to illegal 2019 HK rallies, Vaccine passport: WHO is reluctant but there's hope China can be a pathfinder, Wuhan residents brush off West's smear after joint report release, Wuhan gets stronger one year after its restart, Wuhan on fast track to recover in catering, tourism and employment, Exclusive: Fire at Chinese-owned factory in Myanmar likely arson. It unveils what China and CPC can share in its innovative approaches and how it can cooperate with more countries in poverty alleviation. GlobeNewswire specializes in the distribution and delivery of press releases, financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media and general public. Americans start to see through Western propaganda and recognize China's rights progresses, governance led by CPC, Xi urges Germany, EU to cooperate with China to bring more certainty, stability to world, China conducts test flight for airborne unmanned swarm carrier, Chinese FM lists 'five sins' of US human rights in response to accusations on Xinjiang, Jimmy Lai pleads guilty to illegal assembly charges, first time since national security law for HK took effect, China urges U.S. to crack down on hate violence against Asian Americans, China urges U.S. to lift all illegal sanctions against Iran as nuclear talks resume, China urges Philippines to stop South China Sea allegations, 19-year-old detained for posting insults online against Nanjing Massacre victims, PLA Navy's two newly commissioned minesweepers hold exercises. Standing on the pedestrian overpass near Tongji Hospital on Tuesday morning watching the crowds, listening to people talk, hearing the sound of car horns in the rush hour, smelling the aroma of baked sweet potatoes from street vendors, one can ... One year after the lockdown was lifted, Wuhan's economy is on the fast track of recovery with crowds lining up at food streets, more tourists coming from other provinces and cities, and the number of jobs greatly surging. Sack of Ruili Party chief is proof, GT investigates: Wuhan bounces back one year after restart, clears its name from West's slander, DPP poisoning cross-Straits relations does no good to solve water crisis in Taiwan, Turkey urged to stay vigilant to anti-China terrorists, nationalist politicians, Le Monde owes an apology for accusing Chinese state media of creating a fake French journalist to speak the truth about Xinjiang: scholar, Xi, Merkel phone call 'timely to stabilize ties', Boycott Beijing Olympics? Almost a year after its lockdown was lifted, Wuhan, the coronavirus hard-hit city in Central China's Hubei Province, has witnessed a travel blowout. Among the 248 armed conflicts since the end of WWII, 81% were initiated by the US. Naval fleet steams in East China Sea. The judicial department in Pingnan, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has approved the arrest of a college student suspected of promoting terrorism for downloading terrorist videos and audios, according to media reports. More News >> 'Global Times' - 1 Video Result(s) China-Russia ties deepen while US and allies flail: Global Times editorial Global strategic goodwill is the foundation of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and … A total of 10,000 captive-bred Chinese sturgeon were released into the middle reaches of the Yangtze River on Saturday to help restore the fish's wild population. These wars not only caused humanitarian disasters to the war-torn countries but also harmed other countries and the US' own soldiers. The author is a reporter with the Global Times. https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202103/1218205.shtml. China's top education authority has released a draft regulation to protect minors from sexual harassment and bullying in school. The passports of 89 people involved in cross-border gambling and fraud were declared invalid, and the passport holders were banned from leaving China for three years, said Chinese immigration administrators on Tuesday. Will White House use vaccines for geopolitics? Pages Media Books & Magazines Newspaper Global Times Videos China, Russia will never accept foreign interference in their internal affairs A Chinese envoy on Tuesday urged the United States to lift all illegal sanctions against Iran and its "long-arm jurisdiction" against third-party entities and individuals, including those from China, as the Iran nuclear deal talks resumed in Vienna. Chinese national authorities have vowed to ban counterfeit “cultural relics” and “historical sites” that have emerged across China in recent years. The report by a Chilean university that has been cited by some foreign media as proof that Chinese ... A new COVID-19 vaccine developed by China's Sinopharm has recently been approved for clinical trials. Source: Global Times | 2016/7/28 21:23:01 Legalization of tiger product trade slammed by environmentalists China's newly amended law on wild animal protection, approved this year, has been controversial as it allows the limited commercial exploitation of tigers, which are sought after by the traditional Chinese medicine industry due to their supposed medicinal properties.

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