Fans können sich u.a. 10cc ist eine britische Rockband, die ihre größten Erfolge in den 1970er Jahren hatte. auf Hits der Hollies (The Air That I Breathe, He’s My Brother), von Sweet (Love Is Like Oxygen, Ballroom Blitz) und von 10cc (I’m Not In Love, Dreadlock Holiday) freuen. It's just a silly phase I'm going through" He enjoys her company and everything about her but doesn't love her and he is trying not to break her heart so he is telling her the truth about everything so she will understand that he is not in love, despite all she may see or think. He is putting her future happiness above his own. How Dare You 9. It doesn't mean you mean that much to me" I feel it's a denial of his love. De tekst van "Diamante" is geschreven door Francesco De Gregori, terwijl Zucchero zelf de muziek schreef.Diamante is de naam van de grootmoeder van Zucchero. The song is simple and to the point. ...big boys don't cry (a macho cries inside). So don't forget it / alors ne l'oublie pas .. Here’s my take I think the boy is probably has a ‘mummy’s boy complex’ he is emotionally underdeveloped -he’s fallen for this girl at school, and is a little bit platonic with her, but doesn’t want to take things any further – the “big boys don’t cry” chorus is reflective of his mum comforting him, because he’s leaked things out to his mum, and he can’t let the girl know he’s terribly shy. This was the 70's and the lifestyles were not as open as today. For instance in the pawn shop scene in Pulp Fiction the two good ole boys speak about Russell’s room. [Intro] / F#m7/B B6 F#m7/B B6 F#m7/B B6 F#m7/B B6 G#/C* / [Verse 1] / Amaj7 Am6 I'm not in love, so don't forget it. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. 36 Beziehungen. Neu / Versiegelt !!! I wanna Rule The World 10. The lyrics were written by lead singer Colin Hay, who explained in his Songfacts interview: "The chorus is really about the selling of Australia in many ways, the overdevelopment of the country.It was a … Leur titre le plus connu est I'm Not in Love, sorti en 1975. He is deeply in love with this girl, but for whatever reason, he knows deep down that it will not work. "I'm not in love so don't forget it. It is so different from the usual love songs which often speak of lovers who refuse to let go of each other even when perhaps they should. }; C'est juste une période idiote que je traverse. Good news 3. It's just a silly phase I'm going through" He enjoys her company and everything about her but doesn't love her and he is trying not to break her heart so he is telling her the truth about everything so she will understand that he is not in love, despite all she may see or think. It is sampled by Fantastic Plastic Machine and Dickie Goodman. This song is about sacrificing your own happiness for the person you love. "Ooh, you'll wait a long time for me". That doesn't mean, you mean that much to me" If a person is in love with another these words would NEVER come out of their mouths. Songs und ihre Bedeutung. Lazy Ways 11. He is in LOVE!!!!!! In July 2017, a box set titled Before, During and After: The Story of 10cc was released. Die drei Musiker spielen Lieder, die für sie eine große Bedeutung auf ihrer musikalischen Reise haben. Drop dead in front of them and you are soon forgotten. It is known for its innovative and distinctive backing track, composed mostly of the band's multitracked vocals. In Paris stellte Krall ihr neues Opus, "Wallflower", vor. "I'd like to see you Sell This Version. adunit_id: 100001411, - from wikipedia website Ne te trompes pas à propos de moi, ne pense pas que tu l'as obtenu. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) It is notable for its innovative and distinctive backing track, composed mostly of the band's multitracked vocals. Les clients ayant acheté cet article ont également acheté. I listened to this song so many times as a teenager I was in love with someone but didn't want to let go of my I dependence I behaved exactly how this song has been written and missed out on a love that. The first verse is saying it all. Über den alltäglichen Umgang miteinader, über Beziehungen, die eigentlich keine wahre Basis haben. General CommentEverybody's been close but no cigar, this song is about a guy who is denying that he's in love with this girl, if you listen to the song, or read the lyrics on the part that says (it's because) but then never gives an explanation, its cuz his feeling are too complicated to explain to the girl, trust me, When love presents its self guys like us are afraid of it, we'd rather have one night stands, or a girlfriend we don't love … Don't tell your friends about the two of us" document.write('

');var c=function(){cf.showAsyncAd(opts)};if(typeof !== 'undefined')c();else{cf_async=!0;var r=document.createElement("script"),s=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.async=!0;r.src="//";r.readyState?r.onreadystatechange=function(){if("loaded"==r.readyState||"complete"==r.readyState)r.onreadystatechange=null,c()}:r.onload=c;s.parentNode.insertBefore(r,s)}; 45 RPM GISMO MY WAY / THE WALL STREET SHUFFLE: 23,99€ 8: CC/CO Edition commerciale: Code civil, Droit des obligations, LP, Cst. Heilsteine und ihre Bedeutung für das Sternzeichen Zwillinge Heilsteine Und Ihre Wirkung Rübezahl - Der Gewinner unter allen Produkten. The four-disc set contains 10cc material as well as material from the late 60s and early 70s that the band recorded under various names and material from various projects that band members were involved in after … This is the essence of this song. Wir haben es uns gemacht, Varianten unterschiedlichster Art ausführlichst zu checken, ... 10cc i'm not in love. I like to see you but then again it doesn't mean you mean that much to me. Why do some people hurt the ones they love ?????? The Film Of My Love 6. In den USA hielt das Lied drei Wochen lang den zweiten Platz. Song Meaningto me, this is a mix of unrequited love and the difficulty of the writer to express it over the sheet. ♫ Kennst du noch diesen Song? Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Webpräsenz. Channel Swimmer 5. "Listening to marvin all night long" is one of my favourite lines from a song ever, and it also enhances the belief that this song deals with a soul, an injured one. I think the song is about a guy with social anxiety who's in love with a girl, but he's saying he's not so that he wouldn't have to worry about rejection as he's dealing with an inner conflict within himself to tell the truth while he has his mother's voice saying "Be quiet, big boys don't cry, big boys don't cry, big boys don't,...," telling him to be confident in life. In totality, it could also be of a man (male singer) who couldn't commit, but certain lyrics suggest otherwise. Der Popsong I’m Not in Love, geschrieben von Eric Stewart und Graham Gouldman, wurde erstmals 1975 auf dem Album The Original Soundtrack von 10cc veröffentlicht. Zu den schönen Liedern! Doch. Stewart said, "I had this crazy idea in my mind that repeating those words would somehow degrade the meaning, so I told her, 'Well, if I say every day "I love you, darling, I love you, blah, blah, blah", it's not gonna mean anything eventually'. "I'm Not in Love" is a song by English group 10cc, written by band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman. Die Bands, in denen die drei Künstler bis heute spielen, sind Legenden und haben mit Songs wie Love Is Like Oxygen, Fox On The Run (The Sweet), I’m Not In Love, Dreadlock Holiday (10cc) oder He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother und The Air That I Breathe (The Hollies) Klassiker veröffentlicht. 10c 11.07.2020 - Erkunde Kerstin Fischers Pinnwand Lustige plakate auf Pinterest. 10cc est un groupe de pop rock britannique, originaire de Manchester, créé au début des années 1970 et composé à l'origine de Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley et Lol Creme. Get It While You Can 8. Who is Russell? It is notable for its innovative and distinctive backing track, composed mostly of the band's multitracked vocals. 1975) 10cc are an English art rock band who achieved their greatest commercial success in the 1970s. Zucchero. Désolé, la page que vous essayez d'afficher n'existe pas. Die Musikerin Diana Krall erklärt, warum das Singen trauriger Songs sie glücklich macht und was sie mit Woody Allen verbindet. I'm Not in Love est une chanson du groupe 10cc, parue en 1975 et extraite de l'album The Original Soundtrack. Expédié et vendu par Amazon. - Sleepy Interpreter. You are assuming it's about a woman. [E G A B Cm Abm Dbm Ab Em Am D] Chords for 10cc - I'M NOT IN LOVE with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. The Original Soundtrack par 10cc CD 8,52 € En stock. TRACKS: Disc 1: 1. Everything he's telling his girl makes me think he really is in love with her, but doesn't want her to know so he's covering up everything with excuses. I've tasted the emotion so very much !!!!! /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ "Ehrlichkeit, Aufrichtigkeit - das ist das was ich am meisten von dir brauche". Black Mail 4. 6008015. "Don't make a fuss A very beautiful emotional song with so much pain. 10cc - I m Not In Love (1975 en musique) ' I m Not In Love ' est un titre du groupe 10cc paru en 1975, qui entre, dés aujourd’hui, en programmation dans la sélection musicale Vinyle Musique TV, notre playlist eclectique et sélective des meilleurs titres de l'année 1975, et ce vingt quatre heures sur vingt quatre, sept jours sur sept. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Kathy Warren) " I'm Not in Love " is a song by English group 10cc, written by band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman. Part 2 starts "I like to see you, but then again. The Things We Do For Love 13. The "Land Down Under" is Australia, where the group is from. Als Singleauskopplung stieg er am 24. My opinion... G#m7 G#7 C#m C#m7 It's just a … Mit zunehmendem kommerziellem Erfolg investierten 10cc in neue Technologien, die sie zu weiteren Experimenten anspornten, zu hören beispielsweise bei den geloopten Backing-Vocals von "I'm Not In Love". I thought he/she is love but, what about "You'll wait a long time for me"? 10cc - Across The Universe (3:36) 5. 10cc - I'M NOT IN LOVE - This performance was recorded 'live in concert' in Swansea, Wales in 2011. Écoutez I’m Not In Love: The Essential 10cc par 10cc sur Deezer. Hier werden Klassiker von Rod Stewart “Da Ya Think I`m Sexy“ bis zu “Maniac“ von Michael Sembello aus dem Film “Flashdance“ oder das traumhafte “I`m Not In Love“ von 10CC zu ihren eigenen Songs. Think about this while you listen to it... A man has a homosexual affair and doesn't want to be found out. artist: "10 cc", It was also covered by Papik - Ely Bruna, Jimmy Smith [GB], Denise Johnson, The Tribute Co. and other artists. That statement led me to try to figure out another way of saying it, and the result was that I chose to say 'I'm not in love with you', while subtly giving all the reasons throughout the song why I could never let go of this relationship." 13.06.2019 - Was gibt es besseres, als ein Dorfkind zu sein A 1. Ils sont également à l'origine des chansons Rubber Bullets, Silly Love, Wall Street Shuffle et Dreadlock Holiday. ...that sounds dishonest. This is about a man and a woman, she loves him deeply but he doesn't share that same love for her and he is telling her not to fall in love with him. Zusammensetzung. A truly beautiful song. Could have been. Im Not In Love 2. Hurt feelings can cause fear. Dieses Lied hat so viel Bedeutung, so viel Tiefgang. Look at the origin of the bands name. Paroles de la chanson I'm Not In Love (Traduction) par 10cc. His reason his sound in that he says that explanations take away from the audience being able to use their senses to find their own answers. 10 C.C.*. Ein bisschen Wehmut kommt auf, als Kelsey Lu von der Bühne verschwindet, ohne ihre Coverversion der Siebziger-Jahre-Ballade „I’m Not In Love“ von der britischen Rockband 10cc … song: "I'm Not In Love", Awesome song.!!! Tarantino has various question mark episodes in his films that he will not clear-up for the curious. Im Not In Love: The Essential Collection 2 CD Set !! Love is so beautiful. 10 CC - The Things We Do For Love (3:23) 2. 10cc originally released I'm Not in Love written by Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart and 10cc released it on the album The Original Soundtrack in 1975. 10 CC - Dreadlock Holiday (5:01) 3. He tells her that it is just a silly phase he is going through....he keeps telling her he is not in love with her, and yet at the same time his heart is breaking.....big boys don't cry, be quiet, big boys don't cry. (function() { Not one time in the song did they use the words she or her. En 1975, 10cc fait un tube en France avec le single « I'm not in love ». Maybe he knows that he can not give her the life she deserves and he is setting her free so that she can find someone more deserving of her. Expédié et vendu par Amazon. He knows she loves him too but maybe not on same level. Sagt einem nichts?

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