Where our legislators listened to the voices of millions of voters and activists by embracing solutions as big as the problems we face. The Green New Deal will reverse these trends and create more livable, connected, and vibrant communities. The Green New Deal is estimated to cost about $93 trillion to implement. Bernie is committed to providing a total of $1.34 trillion to ensure that all Americans have access to urban, suburban and rural recreational green space that are vital to our national heritage and our country’s tradition of recreation and conservation. I want you to close your eyes and imagine something: I want you to imagine a world where a Green New Deal is a reality. This article appears as “The Awful, Unlikely Green New Deal” in the November 2, 2020, print edition of National Review. They have given their lives on unsafe, under-regulated worksites, and they have seen their pensions get cut, their health care get stripped away, and their jobs disappear while fossil fuel executives rake in billions. Economists estimate that if we do not take action, we will lose $34.5 trillion in economic activity by the end of the century. Bernie believes this is criminal activity, and, when he is President, he will hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. End the greed of the fossil fuel industry and hold them accountable. Instead of accepting that the world’s countries will spend $1.8 trillion annually on weapons of destruction, Bernie will convene global leaders to redirect our priorities to confront our shared enemy: climate change. And if we want that better, greener future, we’re going to need to fight for it — starting with this current election, and in the weeks, months, and years after. For decades, fossil fuel corporations knowingly destroyed our planet for short-term profits. They belong to all of us. The United States of America put people on the moon 50 years ago. Fossil fuel workers have powered the country for more than a century, working in dangerous and precarious jobs to provide for their families. It would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cutting them 71% by 2030. There is only one way we will transform this country – and that is together. It’s a fancy, deceptive way of saying that his friends at all the big energy companies need even MORE taxpayer subsidies, no matter how much destruction is left in their wake. Bernie will lead our country to enact the Green New Deal and bring the world together to defeat the existential threat of climate change. May 2020. Much has changed since 2008, but the root causes of the interlinked threats have not: the climate and ecological crises are more pressing and the time for effective action is running out fast. Green jobs in the U.S. are nice, but won’t get India and other big emitters off … For too long, government policy has encouraged long car commutes, congestion, and dangerous emissions. We know that children, people with disabilities, the elderly, low-income families, and communities of color are most affected by these impacts and are also the least capable of preparing for, and recovering from, impacts like these. Burlington, VT 05402, contains over 40 different chemicals and air pollutants. We will move beyond oil toward an electric car. In order to be able to quickly and effectively respond to wildfires, we will expand the wildfire restoration and disaster preparedness workforce. Where we no longer put Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities into sacrifice zones on the frontlines of the climate crisis. We need to employ farms of all sizes and production models to transition to ecologically regenerative practices to combat climate change. Bernie will make fossil fuel corporations pay for the irreparable damage they have done to our communities and our planet, and he will ensure that all fossil fuel workers affected by the transition are entitled to new jobs, health care, pensions, and wage support. This effort will be enforced by an interagency council led by Environmental Protection Agency. The Green New Deal must serve to address modern and historical inequities and environmental racism. This means everything from ensuring emergency preparation and warnings are provided in multiple languages to providing extra resources to vulnerable communities to ensure full and rapid recovery after a disaster. Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart, 8/27/20 . But should a supportive slate of Democrats assume control of the White House and the Senate, we can be sure that any legislative package aimed at transitioning the American economy to carbon neutrality over the next ten years will … We will invest in nationwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to increase access to these resources for all, just as we built an interstate highway system in the 1950s and 1960s. We will fully fund tenant-based Housing Choice Vouchers to ensure housing assistance to provide safe and affordable housing. We need to start by supporting all farmers not just a wealthy few and incentivizing conservation not over-production. Scaling back military spending on maintaining global oil dependence. Text STOP to 67760 to stop receiving messages. The Amazon rainforest is burning, Greenland’s ice shelf is melting, and the Arctic is on fire. We will give a meal incentive for schools that acquire at least 30 percent of their food from local sources. We can and must transform our transportation sector away from fossil fuels to create a sustainable future for all and good-paying, union jobs right here in America. The Green New Deal’s targets solidify L.A.’s position as the national leader in solar energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, and green jobs. So when we talk about what’s at stake in this election and how the Green New Deal plays a role, we’re. By electing climate leaders — or at the very least, politicians who believe in and will act on science — we’ll put ourselves in a vastly better position to enact a Green New Deal and tackle this crisis head on. Invest in conservation and public lands to heal our soils, forests, and prairie lands. We will not only reduce US carbon pollution emissions by 71 percent, we will support less industrialized nations in the Global South, excluding China, to help them reduce emissions by 36 percent from 2017 levels by 2030, consistent with meeting our fair share of emissions reductions under the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recommendations. Sadly, just 10 percent of farmers receive 75 percent of agricultural subsidies in the U.S., and those subsidies don’t prioritize carbon sequestration or soil health. As president, Bernie will take immediate action to end the fossil fuel industry’s greed once and for all. The agreement was not perfect, however. Even if every nation met the agreement, it would still allow 3 degrees Celsius of warming, which would destroy island nations and the people least responsible for the climate crisis. Once the CJRF is established and funded at $40 billion, the EPA, together with a number of other agencies, will conduct a nationwide survey to identify areas with high climate impact vulnerabilities and other socioeconomic factors, public health challenges, and environmental hazards. Updated March 23, 2021. This plan outlines some of the most significant goals we have set and steps we will take during this mobilization, including: The cost of inaction is unacceptable. With the caveat that more 2020 election data will still come out, Earther dove into the last week’s results and looked specifically at the Green New Deal’s impact on races across the country. The funds will be able to be used for climate resiliency projects, building emergency community centers and shelters with reliable backup power, wetland restoration, abandoned fossil fuel infrastructure and other environmental hazard reclamation; seawalls; community relocation; community evacuation plans and resources for safe and complete evacuation. The Green New Deal is a plan to fight climate change. These emissions reductions represent the equivalent of reducing US emissions by 161 percent. Clean air and water are on the ballot in 2020. The GND that we modeled starts in 2020 with a tax of $60 levied on each metric ton of CO 2 emitted by the U.S. energy system. We must take these natural solutions seriously as an important part of our strategy to solve the climate crisis. And if you’ve already voted or have made your plan, all I ask is that you forward this email to FIVE people you know. We will follow Environmental Justice principles and: Our current food system accounts for 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. We must do everything in our power to shape a new future that isn’t crafted by these powerful multi-billion dollar fossil fuel industries. Transportation currently accounts for 29 percent of domestic emissions. Bernie is counting on all of us to continue fighting for our progressive agenda. If people in your circle are on the fence, please share this post or have a conversation with them today. They are at the frontlines of the climate emergency. As we rapidly move toward renewable energy and energy efficiency, we must ensure that the workers employed in the fossil fuel industry see that their standards of living are not only protected, but improved. He will not allow fossil fuel executives to reap massive profits while endangering the future of humanity. The Paris Climate Agreement, which was signed by 175 parties, brought the world together in saying that climate change is real, it is caused by human activity, and that we all have a responsibility for taking action to solve it. 1  This is in line with the 50% reduction it would take to limit global warming to less than 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. Each community will then be eligible for funding in order of most vulnerable to least vulnerable. Making the fossil fuel industry pay for their pollution, through litigation, fees, and taxes, and eliminating federal fossil fuel subsidies. Communities of color, working class people, and the global poor have borne and will bear this burden disproportionately. May 2020. “In New York City we have already begun implementing a Green New Deal. There is no reason the United States, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, cannot transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy, like wind, solar, and geothermal. The Green New Deal will redirect research money from fossil fuels and other dead-end industries toward research in wind, solar, and geothermal as well as wave and tidal power. Now I want you to imagine something a little less pleasant: what would happen if the status quo remains for another four years. The most impactful projects for all 50 states—and the planet. I hope you’ll take a moment to make your plan to vote. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated many of the same long-standing injustices that the Green New Deal seeks to address: racial injustice, economic inequality, and climate change. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing are the industries most vulnerable to climate change. 2020 Election: Where Democrats Stand On Climate Change While most Democratic presidential candidates support the goals laid out in the Green New Deal, they differ on specifics like a … The Green New Deal is not only a serious climate plan, but an opportunity to uproot historical injustices and inequities to advance social, racial, and economic justice, including redressing the exclusion of black, brown, Native American, and other vulnerable communities from the programs that made up the original New Deal. The Clean Water State Revolving Fund program, The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund program, A new grant program to address lead in school drinking water improvements, A new grant program for residential septic systems, Funding for nonpoint source management programs, Technical assistance to rural, small and tribal systems for drinking water systems, Technical assistance to rural, small and tribal systems for wastewater systems, A report on affordability, discrimination and civil rights violations, public participation in regionalization, and data collection, A study on water affordability and discriminatory practices or violations of civil rights and equal access to water and sewer services, Technical assistance to rural and small municipalities and tribal governments. However, scientists tell us that it is already too late to prevent all climate change impacts, as we have already begun to experience. I want you to close your eyes and imagine something: I want you to imagine a world where a Green New Deal is a reality. NAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, which Bernie opposed, eliminated millions of jobs and left entire communities devastated. Biden's plan achieves that goal by 2050. With a $300 billion investment, we will increase public transit ridership by 65 percent by 2030. What a Green New Deal would look like in every state. Visit Greenpeace Fund, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable entity created to increase public awareness and understanding of environmental issues through research, the media and educational programs. Max Fraser. Now I want you to imagine something a little less pleasant: Imagine a world where we pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement and fall even further behind the rest of the world. "The Green New Deal is a four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future. As the deadline for voting approaches, we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that you, your friends, family, neighbors, and every environmental voter has their voice heard before the polls close. $2.53 billion for the Appalachian Regional Commission, $506.4 million for the Delta Regional Authority, $405 million for the Northern Border Regional Commission, $94 million for the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission, $2.02 billion for Economic Development Assistance Programs. Our “. Image by Julie Bang © The Balance 2020. What's At Stake in 2020: A Plastic-Free Future, What's at Stake in 2020: Clean Air and Water, What's at Stake in 2020: Our Public Lands. Our scientists and engineers know how to solve our climate crisis. By April Reese February 27, 2020 Environment For too long, this country has neglected workers displaced by government policy. If workers would like to receive training for a different career path, they will receive either a four-year college education or vocational job training with living expenses provided. Simply put, the Green New Deal is not a political loser. According to scientists, we only have a few years to act before the damage becomes irreversible. The climate crisis is not only the single greatest challenge facing our country; it is also our single greatest opportunity to build a more just and equitable future, but we must act immediately. We will repair our country’s crumbling infrastructure, upgrade buildings across the nation, and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions." The Green New Deal is not a specific policy proposal, but rather a general set of goals. Photo courtesy of lydiashiningbrightly, flickr. For example, of the 73 waste-burning incinerators across the United States, an astounding 79 percent are located within three miles of low-income and minority neighborhoods, which are exposed to mercury, lead, and soot. If … Ensure justice for frontline communities, especially under-resourced groups, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children and the elderly. A Bernie Sanders administration will spur the development of the technologies and innovations we need to tackle the climate crisis. We have more than enough capacity to produce ample reliable, affordable electricity from sustainable resources. If a worker is ready to retire, they may opt for pension support and access to health care through Medicare for All. We will build affordable, reliable, quick, and efficient public transportation, and high-speed passenger and cargo rail. He will not leave it to the market to determine the fate of the planet. Target number one? We will increase funding for firefighting by $18 billion for federal firefighters to deal with the increased severity and frequency of wildfires. We need to incentivize farming systems that help farmers both mitigate climate change and build resilience to its impacts. We must recognize that people from every country in the world — Russia, India, China, Japan, Brazil — are all in this together. Inspired by the New Deal programs that helped us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Green New Deal will provide similar relief and create an economy that makes our communities sustainable, healthy and just." Our country developed the internet, lightbulbs, and GPS. Our shared public lands. Currently, the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund and multi-employer miners pensions are paid for by coal companies. The Green New Deal nonbinding resolution, introduced in February 2019, calls for achieving 100% renewable energy for electricity and transportation by 2030 … We need a president who has the courage, the vision, and the record to face down the greed of fossil fuel executives and the billionaire class who stand in the way of climate action. The EPA has historically under-enforced the existing penalties for polluting under the Clean Air Act. It also made a strong case for limiting warming at or below 1.5 degrees Celsius if we hope to continue to have a habitable planet. Where our legislators listened to the voices of millions of voters and activists by … Fossil fuel corporations have fought to escape liability for the pollution and destruction caused by their greed. rather than building toward a Green New Deal with leaders in the House, Senate, and White House who believe the science and are open to pressure. We must ensure that the most vulnerable communities are provided with the resources they need to adequately prepare. But our work can’t (and won’t) stop there. The Green New Deal is a bold plan to drastically shift our country to 100% clean and renewable energy. Agriculture has a huge potential to sequester carbon. March 2, 2020, 9:30 AM EST Sanders’s Green New Deal Is a Global Disaster. Our public lands are a national treasure. Where we’ve created millions of family-sustaining, union jobs to build solar panels, windmills, high-speed rails, and so much more. Invest $600 million in the Indian Tribal Land Acquisition Grant Program for Tribes and Tribal corporations to purchase land on their own reservations. Cosponsors of H.Res.109 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal. Finally, the Green New Deal will redress historical injustices, by tackling poverty, inequality, and the disproportionate impacts of environmental damage on poor neighborhoods, communities of color, First Nations, and rural America. Our public lands serve an important role in not only preventing climate change but also in mitigating the catastrophic effects of climate change like floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather that have been increasing in frequency. Climate change is a global emergency. The so-called ‘infrastructure’ plan is just a foundation for MMT and the Green New Deal The big push in DC right now is for a so-called "infrastructure" plan. By providing my phone number, I consent to receive periodic text message alerts from Bernie Sanders and his affiliated campaigns, including Friends of Bernie Sanders. We will ensure that reliable, affordable public transit is accessible for seniors, people with disabilities, and rural communities. But digging into their plan reveals it has very little to do with infrastructure and everything to do with laying the foundation for the Green New Deal. The bill would also double the amount of federal funding to Tribes for water infrastructure grants, A new grant program to help households install, repair, replace and upgrade septic tanks and drainage fields, Requiring states to use no less than half of federal funds to provide additional subsidization to disadvantaged communities and to support the rebuilding of municipal resources where disrepair impacts community health, Limiting federal funding to publicly owned, operated and managed drinking water utilities and small private water systems and requiring additional subsidization to disadvantaged communities, Allowing state Drinking Water SRF funds to provide grants to private property owners to replace lead service lines, Expanding federal funding to decontaminate our drinking water from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), Requiring funds made available to use iron and steel products produced in the United States, Requiring prevailing wages for all projects funded by the federal government for water infrastructure and requires recipients to use project labor agreements to the maximum extent practicable. Generating revenue from the wholesale of energy produced by the regional Power Marketing Authorities. Bernie has fought for workers his entire career. Together, we will reduce US carbon pollution emissions by 71 percent and emissions among less industrialized countries by 36 percent from 2017 levels by 2030, consistent with meeting our fair share of emissions reductions under the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recommendations. So when we talk about what’s at stake in this election and how the Green New Deal plays a role, we’re also talking about the intersection of racial, economic, social, and environmental justice. In very stark terms: the same health impacts caused by fossil fuel pollution has made COVID more deadly. Join us in fighting for not only a greener future, but a more just and equitable one. Federal risk bonds can then be paid to counties and municipalities when there are fossil fuel spills, explosions, or accidents. Massively raising taxes on corporate polluters’ and investors’ fossil fuel income and wealth. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced legislation in November to transform public housing. Where taxpayer dollars are spent on building missiles, oil drills, and corporate bailouts instead of green infrastructure. Save American families money with investments in weatherization, public transportation, modern infrastructure and high-speed broadband. If you haven’t voted yet, now is the time. An additional $5.9 billion in funding will be distributed as follows: There is no doubt that the poor and marginalized suffer from the impacts of pollution and climate disruption — particularly communities of color. PO Box 391 The Trump Administration is willing to sacrifice Black, Brown, Indigenous, and low-income communities for the sake of corporate power and profit. According to research at the Rodale Institute, agriculture could sequester 37 gigatons of carbon annually worldwide. Ensure a just transition for communities and workers, including fossil fuel workers. Our “What’s at Stake” series highlights a key issue that’s on the ballot. The tax is set to … Instead of selling them off to the highest bidder and allowing them to be destroyed by billionaire fossil fuel industry executives, are going to expand our green infrastructure and conserve our public lands. Please take a moment to make your plan to vote early, by mail, or in person on November 3rd. Up to five years of a wage guarantee, job placement assistance, relocation assistance, health care, and a pension based on their previous salary. Most often — and because of racist zoning policies that disproportionately makes the impact of pollution fall on BIPOC communities — the fossil fuel industry has contributed to the devastating number of deaths in Black communities and communities of color from COVID-19. Regardless, the Green New Deal was a hit with Americans. The interagency council will issue block grants to states, territories, tribes, municipalities, counties, localities, and nonprofit community organizations. Here at the Labor Network for Sustainability we are very excited about the the Green New Deal (GND). In 2006, a Green New Deal was created by the Green New Deal Task Force as a plan for one hundred percent clean, renewable energy by 2030 utilizing a carbon tax, a jobs guarantee, free college, single-payer healthcare, and a focus on using public programs. The proposed Biden plan would involve a … Whereas the October 2018 report entitled “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC” by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the November 2018 Fourth National Climate Assessment report found that— We will also support state and regional action to determine the projected harm to communities and pave the way for actions that remunerate devastated communities requiring care and repair and the dollars to do it. What we lack is long-term federal commitment to our scientists and engineers in the sustainable energy sector to accelerate innovation in both energy production and storage. Portland, Maine’s recently implemented Green New Deal (GND) concerns some state contractors who are worried about being disqualified from public work in the city if … When Bernie is president, he is going to fully transform our energy sector away from fossil fuels, ensuring no one is priced out of this transition. The 2020 election is approaching, and in 2021 America might see a Green New Deal signed into law.. We need a president who welcomes their hatred. Bernie will put workers first. The fossil fuel industry has known since as early as the 1970s that their products were contributing to climate change and that climate change is real, dangerous, and preventable. He understands that coal miners and oil-rig operators are not the problem. What’s at Stake in 2020: The Green New Deal. These executives have spent hundreds of millions of dollars protecting their profits at the expense of our future, and they will do whatever it takes to squeeze every last penny out of the Earth. Raising penalties on pollution from fossil fuel energy generation. We will create domestic energy alternatives to power our cars and trucks and move our transportation sector beyond oil by running our cars and trucks on renewable sources. Despite massive federal subsidies for fossil fuels, renewable energies have improved in cost and efficiency year after year, and now rival or surpass conventional energies in cost effectiveness. Note: Ocasio-Cortez’s office has taken down their page describing the Green New Deal. Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal. And most importantly, we must build an unprecedented grassroots movement that is powerful enough to take them on, and win. Young people, advocates, tribes, cities and states all over this country have already begun this important work, and we will continue to follow their lead. Here’s the truth: neither of these require a lot of imagination because they’re both within reach. The Wall Street Journal editors and opinion columnists sure don’t like Joe Biden’s Green New Deal proposals. In 2019, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) along with Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) The scope of the challenge ahead of us shares similarities with the crisis faced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940s. Plastic pollution is destroying our planet and disproportionately impacting low-income and Black and Brown communities. That means that we must prepare for climate impacts like sea level rise, more frequent and severe weather, wildfires, spreading disease, heatwaves, floods, and droughts. As president, Bernie Sanders will launch the decade of the Green New Deal, a ten-year, nationwide mobilization centered around justice and equity during which climate change will be factored into virtually every area of policy, from immigration to trade to foreign policy and beyond.

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