Microsoft Whiteboard app on IOS Unable to log in with work or school account option. Our issues still haven't been fixed from early December. Sign in with your O365 account and add the iPad as a Multifactor Authentication Device at If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. After you sign in using your username and password, you can either approve a notification or enter a provided verification code. It's fairly clunky on a desktop machine. I try every day and still no joy :) Low priority on our network team to see if it's blocked on our end. Locate the meeting for your desired lecture, tap it, and then tap the Join button. Whiteboard gives your teams a freeform, intelligent canvas for … Microsoft will use your phone number only for this one-time transactional purpose, the information won't be stored. We don't. Microsoft Authenticator also supports multi factor authentication for work, school, and non-Microsoft accounts. It seams to be stuck on the " Taking you to your organization sing-in page" once you select the work or school option. Desktops work fine, anything wifi/cell (basically, from outside) don't work. Microsoft has released a new update for the Whiteboard app for iOS users. Meet the freeform digital canvas where ideas, content, and people come together. I'm pretty sure it's something that's blocked on our network but it used to work last October and they haven't done anything obvious lately on the network. If you don't see an answer to your question, go to the Microsoft Authenticator app … I’ve set it up for backup of credentials using a personal account. Maybe as they work on whiteboard in context with Teams meetings they'll improve it - I've also noticed that there are some funky display issues when looking at a board on a phone - things shift around when they shouldn't. When it asks you to Authenticate Using App, change to Text Message, Call Me or Email. Shows me my AD account, I select it, and then it still won't sign me in. and Also update the white board app. When i start up whiteboard it brings up authenticator and allows me to select my work account. Yeah I didn't' know that really either, I just know most Microsoft Apps used it, so figured that would use it too and apparently so :). Lataa Microsoft Whiteboard iOS-laitteellesi App Storesta (edellyttää Apple iOS 9:n tai sitä uudemman version, iPhone 5s:n tai uudemman, iPad Mini 3:n tai uudemman, iPad Airin tai iPad Pron). Microsoft Authenticator also supports cert-based authentication by issuing a certificate on your device. I'm the admin at my org and I know it's not blocked for us, so that definitely can't be the root of the issue. I would have never thought i needed that app installed also. Microsoft Whiteboard app 20.10615.0.5289 released for iOS - June 30 Posted: 02 Jul 2020 Microsoft Whiteboard provides a freeform intelligent canvas where teams can ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud. When the Code arrives enter the code . Whiteboards are super useful to brainstorm with your team, collect ideas, or draw a plan.You can use Whiteboard inside Microsoft Teams and Zoom app too. Has any one else seen this or have a solution to this? The Microsoft Authenticator app is used to enable "multifactor authentication" before accessing apps or Web sites. Enter your LMU … Select "Personal Account" Login to the account. I've got the same issue as well for my iPad pro. But seeing these other reports, I'm not so sure. Again, thanks for weighing in and please let me know if you hear of a resolution. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn. From your iOS device, navigate to and open the “App Store“ Search for and download the iOS app, “Microsoft Whiteboard” Sign in to use “Microsoft Whiteboard“ Important: To be able to sign into Whiteboard you need to have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed. More information | Microsoft. Does seem to be an authentication issue, though, somethings not getting through (even with Authenticator app). Entrepreneur Magazine (10 Similar Apps & 2,778 Reviews) vs ZOOM Cloud Meetings (10 Similar Apps, 37 Features, 6 Review Highlights & 3,342,752 Reviews). The era of Google Pixel 3a ends: the smartphone is no longer on sale! or Microsoft 365 account (personal, work, or school). Authenticator should launch in the background. Teams Desktop: sharing a Whiteboard. Frustrating because I can see some good applications for our content folks to use this on their laptops. Everyone who is in the same organization as you are (the situation in January 2021) can co-author the Whiteboard with you. Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app, click the Add button, tap third party accounts, then use your phone to scan the QR code on the screen. Log in to the Microsoft Whiteboard App and approve the authentication … Whiteboard works for me in Teams and the Whiteboard app on Windows. The odd thing for me is that it works on my iPhone but not my iPad. No reason it shouldn't work on ipad if it works on the iphone, it can't be an account issue, has to be a wrong version of software, wrong authentication, needs update etc. Transform your work into professional-looking charts and shapes on an infinite canvas with an interface designed for pen, touch, and keyboard. The update allows iOS users to assign template items to their teammates and the app now requires iOS 12 or later to work. Microsoft updates its Authenticator application for Android today, bringing the version number to 6.1.7. You can read the full … I can now access whiteboard with work account. Open the Teams app on your iPad and select the Calendar. If you download the Whiteboard application from the App Store, you will see how the changelog indicates the different improvements that come with this version. I was finally able to solve it by completely deleting the Whiteboard and Authenticator app from my device. I can see my work account. An application is available for … Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool in the Microsoft 365 belt: allowing innovative & visual planning while keeping the data inside the tenant. This article answers common questions about the Microsoft Authenticator app. Support for logging in, inviting, opening boards, and syncing among other changes has been improved. Microsoft Whiteboard app on IOS Unable to log in with work or school account option. Microsoft Whiteboard is one of the applications of the American company aimed at facilitating teamwork, either in professional settings or in the educational field. I can access whiteboard on my windows 10 desktop, but on my ipad it says that whiteboard sign in isn't enabled. Questo articolo risponde a domande comuni sull'app Microsoft Authenticator. Download the Microsoft Whiteboard app from your app store. Support for conditional login, invitation, dashboard, and sync access has been improved. You’ll also see a new error message when trying to login with a work account without having the Microsoft Authenticator app. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app from the app store. Description of change had 'We've addressed a bug that occasionally caused a loading issue at start-up for certain devices' - maybe that was it. There must be some setting somewhere that's been corrupted. How to install Microsoft Whiteboard for iOS? Passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or compromised. Create a new whiteboard and collaborate with others at the same time. Fully managed intelligent database services. Thanks Robin. And my account signins are fine everywhere else and in all other applications. You don't need to launch the app, it will sit in the background and activate when you launch the Whiteboard. This will let your organization know that the sign-in request is coming from a trusted device and … I was finally able to solve it by completely deleting the Whiteboard and Authenticator app from my device. Hopefully Microsoft will get to the bottom of it soon because this program would definitely shine on a tablet where you can write/draw with a stylus. Re: Microsoft Whiteboard app on IOS Unable to log in with work or school account option. Standard SMS rates may apply. In this case, it is the iOS version which benefits from new functions and features. All faculty, staff and students have access to the Microsoft Whiteboard app. You can use the Microsoft Authenticator app in multiple ways, including: Two-factor verification. Microsoft Whiteboard It can be downloaded for iOS and for Windows 10 computers from the Microsoft Store. Open the Microsoft Authenticator App. Kun asennus on valmis, kirjaudu Whiteboardiin ilmaisella Microsoft-tilillä (kuten Outlook, Hotmail, Live tai Xbox) tai henkilökohtaisella tai työpaikan tai oppilaitoksen Microsoft … Yea, i confirmed in the our portal that it is enable for organization. Hope this helps others. Puzzled.... Are others still having this issue? The updated app adds fingerprint support, and it doesn't list anything else in the changelog. Were looking at it on the corporate side as well to see if anything is blocked. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Download Microsoft Whiteboard to your iOS device from the App Store (requires Apple iOS 9 or later, iPhone 5s or later, iPad Mini 3 or later, iPad Air, or iPad Pro). MFA is working when I have the authenticator on a different mobile device than the mobile device I am installing the mobile applications on; I have one IOS device with the MS Authenticator application working, and a 2nd phone (Android) that I am … Can you use it? When I re-install the Authenticator app, it comes up with all my accounts already there. BTW, I have confirmed with my admin that we are authorized, it works on my iPhone but not ipad and I use the Authenticator application. United States (English) I am and have been unable to find a solution. With the version of the Whiteboard app installed on your iOS device, you’ll enjoy improved Conditional Access support for login, invite, opening boards, and sync. For a Microsoft "Personal Account" Open the Authenticator App. All other Office365 apps work on both. But it is since we're able to sign in everywhere else. To select multiple objects, you need to take the help of … Installed the Microsoft Authenticator app on your iPad (should not need to sign in) Installed and have signed into Teams and Whiteboard app on your iPad. But all my other office 365 apps work fine. Microsoft Whiteboard is one of the applications of the American company aimed at facilitating teamwork, either in professional settings or in the educational field. This is for a work account. Create freely, work naturally Give your ideas room to grow with Whiteboard. Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. An application is available for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store and for the Apple iPhone and iPad. I used to be able to use whiteboard but then it stopped working. There's something really goofy with that Authenticator app, If you look at 'help' it says it 'helps you sign in to your accounts if you use two-factor authentication'. Candidly I thought I had done this before and still not been able to get the app to work but for some reason it worked this time. Ok Google: the 105 best commands to use with your mobile’s voice assistant. I reinstalled the authentication app first and  set it up using the scanned QR code from my Authenticator doesnt do anything for me. Connect and engage across your organization. I've tried that a bunch of times and tried it again just now. Click [ + ] to add an account. Glad it worked! Bring ideas, content and people together – from your computer, phone or tablet. I’ve been having the same problem for a month. Also, go to the Account security page, navigate to More security Options and turn off two-factor authentication; For iPhone users: Since Microsoft Authenticator backups are stored on iCloud for iPhone users, the only way to remove the Microsoft Authenticator app from an iPhone is by removing the device from … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Users verify their identities via a PIN or face scan. You should select Allow so the Authenticator app can access your camera to take a picture of the QR code in … For commercial users, you can access Whiteboard … If you get the following error when trying to sign-in to the Microsoft Whiteboard app on an iPad: Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your iPad. The Authenticator App will then add the Personal … However, on iOS, it keeps opening up Authenticator, but never truly signs in or syncs. Using my other work account for another business works just fine. With Whiteboard all users can participate and interact in the same project and working with each other in real-time. Well, wonder of wonders, there was an update to iOS Whiteboard yesterday (version 1.19101103) - just downloaded it today. Assuming it's already enabled in the tenant? When you choose Microsoft Whiteboard from the Share Tray you are taken directly to the Whiteboard view. Then I reinstalled the Whiteboard app and signed in successfully via the authenticator app. Phone sign-in. I would make sure you have Microsoft authentication, it's setup and you see your account in there for your domain. Resources for IT Professionals Sign in. Fixed blocking when logging in when a PIN is required. Well, that worked great thanks. I tried with Authenticator and it gives me the same results as the rest. The Microsoft Whiteboard app updated to Version 20.10615.0.5289 this week on Apple’s iOS devices. With Whiteboard all users can participate and interact in the same project and working with each other in real-time. Se non viene visualizzata una risposta alla domanda, accedere al forum dell'app Microsoft Authenticator. And of course one big benefit is that it is included with the license. If this is the first time you're setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app, you might receive a prompt asking whether to allow the app to access your camera (iOS) or to allow the app to take pictures and record video (Android). Just tried on my iPhone and got the same results, stuck on the Taking you to your organization sing-in page. Empowering technologists to achieve more by humanizing tech. After installing, sign in to Whiteboard with a free Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Xbox, etc.) Appreciate the help! I have the same MS Authenticator app and Azure profile on both devices as well. Miracle of miracles! And then Whiteboard just acts the same way - plain box asking for 'work or school' or 'personal', then spins awhile and the 'we couldnt sign you in'. Microsoft Whiteboard available for Windows 10 app This past week, Microsoft announced the GA of the Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10. They can access it by going to or downloading the app on their Microsoft computer or iOS device . I have a couple of employees that want to use the whiteboard app on there iPad pro's, but for some reason they are not able to log in with there work account. So I've deleted Authenticator again. When logging in, you'll enter your password, and then you'll be asked for an additional way to prove it's really you. Professional Blogger, V logger, traveler and explorer of new horizons. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (10 Similar Apps, 11 Features, 6 Review Highlights & 1,537,507 Reviews) vs Whiteboard (9 Similar Apps & 1,842 Reviews). This is excellent news because I think this program was really made for tablet use. Once you are done you can Stop … SpaceX will use two disused oil rigs to launch its spacecraft, WhatsApp guide to add contacts using QR codes, Easily customize your widgets in macOS Big Sur, As soon as it is installed, the first change is related to. I, too, am now able to log in with my work account with the new whiteboard update on my iPad. Track | MSPU I also downloaded the app on my windows 10 laptop and was able to log in with no problem. How do I start using Whiteboard for the web? Launch the Whiteboard app. An application that is updated to version 20.10615.0.5289 adding new features and bug fixes in a key period of time for the promotion of telework and the professional and educational performance of many remote people. I can't do anything with them - there is no 'setup' options using QR codes or anything else. Authenticator App not working IOS I am testing MFA in our O365 Lab environment. Doessnt get past ‘signing you in’ though. Select Multiple Objects. The standard verification method, where one of the factors is your password. The Microsoft Whiteboard feature may be the solution you’ve been looking for. The app provides a second layer of security after your password. Thanks for the info - I'm glad you got it to work. Still an issue here as well. You will need to register your device to your organization through the app and add your work or school account.

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